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Fellowship Life

“In God we, live and move and have our being.” Through faith the believer is “transferred into the kingdom of God’s beloved Son”; we are “in Christ Jesus.” In him we experience true fellowship with divine love, order and unity. These characteristics are hallmarks of Christ’s church and point the world to him. Fellowship life is a gift to and natural fruit of every Christian church.

Like all gifts of God, we begin with thanksgiving and continue into diligent cultivation as a means of worship and sign of maturity. Hence the early church is described as “devoted to fellowship.”

At Trinity Fellowship, we aim to both rejoice with thanksgiving at God’s gift of fellowship and foster a devotion to meeting together. Meeting together takes many forms. Fellowship does not have to be formal or informal, large or small, planned or spontaneous to be rich. In addition to all of the unplanned, spontaneous gathering, we recommend particular meetings to nurture fellowship life.

We encourage all who attend Trinity Fellowship to be part of a mid-week prayer group. These gatherings provide indispensable mutual encouragement and support through sharing and praying about life’s peaks and valleys and everything in between.  We have men’s prayer groups of 3-4. We have women’s Bible study on Friday mornings and an adult Bible study on Tuesday evenings. Twice a month we encourage all who are able to linger a little longer and enjoy lunch or coffee and donuts with conversation.

In our fast-paced, transitory culture, it is increasingly difficult to devote ourselves to fellowship. At Trinity, we recognize this challenge and are endeavoring to avoid conformity to these mores. We understand that if the Lord has given it and commended it to us in his word, we will be blessed in devoting ourselves to fellowship life.

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