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Here is a link for the Tuesday Night Bible Studies lead by Jeremy Jackson, for your listening pleasure.

Fourth Quarter, 2023 - Statement of Faith

Sept 3:      God: His Nature                                                   (Nathaniel Jackson)

Sept 10:     God: His Purposes                                              (Stefan Matzal)

Sept 17:     The Bible: Its Inspiration and Inerrancy             (Nathaniel Jackson)

Sept 24:    The Bible: Its Sufficiency and Authority             (Stefan Matzal)

Oct 1:         The Human Condition: Human Dignity              (Jay Koshy, International Assembly)

Oct 8:        The Human Condition: Human Depravity          (Nathaniel Jackson)

Oct 15:      Jesus Christ: His Identity and Life                       (Stefan Matzal)

Oct 22:      The Holy Spirit: His Identity and Work               (Nathaniel Jackson)

Oct 29:      Reformation Sunday: The Work of Christ          (Paul Epp, Ithaca 1st Chinese Christian Church)

Nov 5:       The Church: Its Nature                                         (Nathaniel Jackson)

Nov 12:      The Church: Its Ordinances                                 (Stefan Matzal)

Nov 19:     Christian Living: The Great Commandment        (Nathaniel Jackson)

Nov 26:     Christian Living: The Spiritual Battle                   (Stefan Matzal)

Dec 3:       Christ’s Return: Its Nature and Effect                  (Nathaniel Jackson)

Dec 10:      Response and Eternal Destiny                            (Stefan Matzal)

Third Quarter, 2023 - 2 Timothy

July 16         2 Tim 1:1-14              “Fan the flame”                                      Nathaniel Jackson

July 23        2 Tim 1:15-2:7         “A good soldier of Christ Jesus”            Stefan Matzal

July 30        2 Tim 2:8-13           “The word of God is not bound”            Aaron Luke

Aug 6          2 Tim 2:14-26        “A vessel for honorable use”                  Nathaniel Jackson

Aug 13        2 Tim 3:1-9             “Times of difficulty”                                  Nathaniel Jackson

Aug 20       2 Tim 3:10-4:4       “Continue in what you have learned”     Stefan Matzal

Aug 27       2 Tim 4:5-22         “To Him be the glory forever”                  Stefan Matzal

Second Quarter, 2023 - 1 and 2 Chronicles

Apr 23:  1 Chronicles 22:2–19    “Set your mind… to seek the Lord.”             (Nathaniel Jackson)

Apr 30:  1 Chronicles 23–­27       “And David organized them.”                      (Stefan Matzal)

May 7:   1 Chronicles 28              “From the hand of the Lord.”                       (Nathaniel Jackson)

May 14:  1 Chronicles 29              “All this abundance… from your hand.”      (Stefan Matzal)

May 21:  2 Chronicles 1                “Give me now wisdom.”                               (Nathaniel Jackson)

May 28: 2 Chronicles 2               “Because the Lord loves his people.”         (Stefan Matzal)

Jun 4:    2 Chronicles 3:1—5:1      “Solomon began to build the house.”        (Stefan Matzal)

Jun 11:   2 Chronicles 5:2—6:11    “The glory of the Lord filled the house.”    (Nathaniel Jackson)

Jun 18:  2 Chronicles 6:12–42     “Listen… when they pray toward this place.”  (Stefan Matzal)

                                                               (3 -4 minutes are missing towards end due to power outage)

Jun 25: 2 Chronicles 7:1—8:16     “If my people… humble themselves.”         (Sam Benjamin)

Jul 2:    2 Chronicles 8:17—9:31   “Because your God loved Israel.”               (Nathaniel Jackson)

Jul 9:    TOPICAL                           Phil. 4:5-7, "The Lord is at hand."               (Stefan Matzal)

First Quarter, 2023 - Acts

Jan 8        Acts 10:1-48                “Even on the Gentiles”                          (Nathaniel Jackson)

Jan 15       Acts 11:1-30                “A great many people were added”     (Stefan Matzal)

Jan 22      Topical                        Sanctity of Human Life                         (Nathaniel Jackson)

Jan 29      Acts 12:1-24                “But the Word of God increased”        (Nathaniel Jackson)

Feb 5        Acts 12:25-13:12         “Sent out by the Holy Spirit”                 Stefan Matzal )

Feb 12      Acts 13:13-52              “Paul and Barnabas spoke… boldly”    (Stefan Matzal)

Feb 19      Acts 14:1-28                “They continued to preach”                  (Nathaniel Jackson)

Feb 26     Acts 15:1-29                ”The Words of the Prophets"                (Stefan Matzal)

Mar 5       Acts 15:30-16:5           “So they separated”                              Nathaniel Jackson)

Mar 12      Acts 16:6-40                “What must I do to be saved?”            (Stefan Matzal)

Mar 19      Acts 17:1-15                “The world upside down”                      (Nathaniel Jackson)

Mar 26     Nehemiah 1-6             TOPICAL - Responding to Shame        Stefan Matzal)

Apr 2        Acts 17:16-34              “Not far from each one of us”               (Nathaniel Jackson)

Apr 9        Topical                        Easter Message                                     (Stefan Matzal)

Apr 16       Topical                        1 Corinthians 15:14                                 (Nathaniel Jackson)   


Fourth Quarter, 2022 - Job

Oct 9:      Job 29               “Oh, that I were as in the months of old!”          (Stefan Matzal)

Oct 16:     Job 30               “My soul is poured out within me.”                    (Nathaniel Jackson)

Oct 23:    Job 31                “Oh, that I had one to hear me!”                        (Stefan Matzal)

Oct 30:    Reformation Sunday Pulpit Exchange     (Rev. Ife Ojetayo, Church of the Holy Trinity)

Nov 6:     Job 32–33         “He burned with anger at Job.”                         (Nathaniel Jackson)

Nov 13:    Job 34–35         “God does not hear an empty cry.”                   (Stefan Matzal)

Nov 20:   Job 36–37         “Consider the wondrous works of God.”          (Nathaniel Jackson)

Nov 27:   Job 38:1–38       “Then the Lord answered Job.”                        (Stefan Matzal)

Dec 4:     Job 38:39–40:5 “Do you give a horse his might?”                     (Stefan Matzal)

Dec 11:    Job 40:6–42:6    “Behold, Behemoth...Leviathan.”                      (Nathaniel Jackson)

Dec 18:   Job 42:7–17        “And the Lord restored the fortunes of Job.”   (Stefan Matzal)

Dec 25:  Christmas           Christmas Message                                            (Nathaniel Jackson)

Jan 1:      New Year’s       “We make a firm covenant.” (Neh. 9–10)            (Stefan Matzal)

Third Quarter, 2022 - Hebrews

August 7           Hebrews 10:19-25     “Let us hold fast”                     (Aaron Luke)   

August 14         Hebrews 10:26-39     “Need of endurance”              (Stefan Matzal)

August 21         Hebrews 11:1-22         “By faith”                                  (Nathaniel Jackson)

August 28        Hebrews 11:23-12:3    “Run with endurance”             (Stefan Matzal)

September 4    Hebrews 12:4-17        “Share his holiness”                (Nathaniel Jackson)

September 11    Hebrews 12:18-29     “God is a consuming fire”       (Stefan Matzal)

September 18   Hebrews 13:1-6          “Let brotherly love continue” (Nathaniel Jackson)

September 25  Hebrews 13:7-25        “Bear with my word”              (Nathaniel Jackson)

October 2         TOPICAL                    Ezra 4 - 6                                    ( Stefan Matzal

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