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​Our Sunday Worship begins at 10:00 am 

  • Hymn

  • Prayer of Confession

  • Reading of Psalm

  • Open congregational sharing

  • Hymns and songs of praise

  • Corporate prayer* (praise, followed by intercession)

  • Lord’s Prayer

  • Announcements

  • Hymn and/or Creedal Statement

  • The Lord’s Supper

  • Expository Preaching (view the current schedule)

    • Winter – Gospels & Acts

    • Spring – Pentateuch & Historical books

    • Summer – Epistles & Revelation

    • Fall – Prophets & Wisdom Literature

  • Hymn

  • Benediction

*Congregational initiative in praise, petition and testimony, according to gift and appropriateness, is encouraged at this time

Music in Worship

In Scripture, we find that musical worship was essential to Old Testament gathering. We also note that musical worship is continuous in heaven. We understand that we will join the eternal chorus praising God. We are thankful that we don’t have to wait until then to sing our praises!

We want our music to reflect God’s truth and draw us into corporate worship that is both reverent and joyful. We sing ancient hymns and contemporary choruses.  While we recognize that a church’s music will necessarily be shaped by the culture and tastes of the congregation, we maintain an openness to variety in style and instrumentation.

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