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Third Quarter, 2022 - Hebrews

August 7           Hebrews 10:19-25     “Let us hold fast”                     (Aaron Luke)   

August 14         Hebrews 10:26-39     “Need of endurance”              (Stefan Matzal)

August 21         Hebrews 11:1-22         “By faith”                                  (Nathaniel Jackson)

August 28        Hebrews 11:23-12:3    “Run with endurance”             (Stefan Matzal)

September 4    Hebrews 12:4-17        “Share his holiness”                (Nathaniel Jackson)

September 11    Hebrews 12:18-29     “God is a consuming fire”       (Stefan Matzal)

September 18   Hebrews 13:1-6          “Let brotherly love continue” (Nathaniel Jackson)

September 25  Hebrews 13:7-25        “Bear with my word”              (Nathaniel Jackson)

October 2         TOPICAL                    Ezra 4 - 6                                    ( Stefan Matzal)

Second Quarter, 2022 - 1 Chronicles

May 1:   1 Chronicles 1–9             “So all Israel was recorded in genealogies.”           (Nathaniel Jackson)

May 8:   1 Chronicles 10              “Saul died for his breach of faith.”                             (Stefan Matzal)

May 15:  1 Chronicles 11               “And David became greater and greater.”               (Nathaniel Jackson)

May 22:  1 Chronicles 12             “To make David king over all Israel.”                        (Stefan Matzal)

May 29:  1 Chronicles 13             “Let us bring again the ark of our God to us.”          (Nathaniel Jackson)

Jun 5:     1 Chronicles 14              “His kingdom was highly exalted.”                           (Stefan Matzal)

Jun 12:   1 Chronicles 15:1—16:3  “All Israel brought up the ark of the covenant.”       (Nathaniel Jackson)

Jun 19:   1 Chronicles 16:4–43.   “Oh give thanks to the Lord.”                                     (Sam Benjamin)

Jun 26:   1 Chronicles 17             “I will establish his throne forever.”                            (Ram Stewart)

Jul 3:      1 Chronicles 18              “He administered justice and equity to all his people.” (Stefan Matzal)

Jul 10:    1 Chronicles 19:1—20:8 “May the Lord do what seems good to him.”            (Nathaniel Jackson)

Jul 17:    1 Chronicles 21:1—22:1  “Here shall be the house of the Lord God.”              (Stefan Matzal)

Jul 24:   Topical                           Equipping the Saints                                                   (Stefan Matzal)

Jul 31:    Topical                            Church Discipline                                                        (Nathaniel Jackson)

First Quarter, 2022 - Acts

Jan 2        Acts 1:1-11           “You will be my witnesses”                    (Stefan Matzal)

Jan 9        Acts 1:12-26       “Devoting themselves to prayer”          (Nathaniel Jackson)

Jan 16      TOPICAL            "Sanctify of Life Sunday"                         (Stefan Matzal)

Jan 23      Acts 2:1-21         “They were filled with the Holy Spirit”  (Nathaniel Jackson)

Jan 30      Acts 2:22-47     “Repent and be baptized”                      (Stefan Matzal)

Feb 6       Acts 3                 “To this we are witnesses”                     (Nathaniel Jackson)

Feb 13      Acts 4:1-31          “We cannot but speak”                          (Stefan Matzal)

Feb 20     Acts 4:32-5:11     “Great grace was upon them all”          (Nathaniel Jackson)

Feb 27     Acts 5:12-42        “Believers were added”                         (John Hartung)

Mar 6        Acts 6:1-7            “Seven men of good repute”                 (Nathaniel Jackson)

Mar 13       Acts 6:8-7:53      “Like the face of an angel”                    (Stefan Matzal)

Mar 20      Acts 7:54-8:3      “They were enraged”                            (Nathaniel Jackson)

Mar 27      Acts 8:4-25         “They were all scattered”                      (Stefan Matzal)

Apr 3         Acts 8:26-40       “Rise and go”                                         (Nathaniel Jackson)

Apr 10       Acts 9:1-31            “He is a chosen instrument of mine”   (Stefan Matzal)   

Apr 17       Acts 9:32-43        “Tabitha arise”                                       (Nathaniel Jackson)

Apr 24      TOPICAL              "Resurrection!"                                       (Stefan Matzal)

Fourth Quarter, 2021 - Job

Oct 3:        Job 15             “The wicked man writhes in pain.”                (Stefan Matzal)

Oct 10:      Job 16–17       “The righteous holds to his way.”                   (Stefan Matzal)

Oct 17:      Job 18             “The light of the wicked is put out.”               (Stefan Matzal)

Oct 24:      Job 19             “I know that my Redeemer lives.”                 (Stefan Matzal)

Oct 31:       NA                  "Can You Trust the Bible"                               (Conroy Lewis)

                  (Reformation Sunday Pulpit Exchange - Grace Baptist Church)

Nov 7:       Job 20             “The exulting of the wicked is short.”           (Nathaniel Jackson)

Nov 14:     Job 21             “Why do the wicked grow mighty in power?” (Stefan Matzal)

Nov 21:     Job 22             “Is not your evil abundant?”                            (Nathaniel Jackson)

Nov 28:     Job 23–24       “He knows the way that I take.”  *                 (Nathaniel Jackson)

Dec 5:       Job 25–27       “My heart does not reproach me.”                (Stefan Matzal)

Dec 12:     Job 28             “Where shall wisdom be found?”                   (John Hartung)

Dec 19:                               Christmas Sermon                                          (Stefan Matzal)

Dec 26:                              New Year’s Sermon                                       (Nathaniel Jackson)

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