Spring/Summer 2022                  1 Chronicles 1:1 – 22:1


In the Hebrew Bible, 1 & 2 Chronicles are treated as a single book. We don’t know who wrote Chronicles; scholars often refer to the author with the generic term: The Chronicler. About half of the material in Chronicles comes from Samuel and Kings, but often the Chronicler highlights distinct theological themes as compared to the emphases of those two books. The Chronicler assumes his audience will be familiar with the events described in Samuel and Kings, but he views those events through his own set of lenses.

The Chronicler presents the nation of Israel as an ideal. As one of the last books of the Old Testament to be written, Chronicles looks forward to the Messianic Kingdom. So, for example, the division of the kingdom is downplayed. In Chronicles, true Israel consists of citizens from both the north and the south, all united around the Jerusalem temple. Because David is the forerunner to the Messiah, he is presented as an ideal king. Chronicles doesn’t mention his sin against Bathsheba and Uriah.


In the section of 1 Chronicles we are covering this year, the Chronicler does, however, recount two lapses on the part of David: his failure to require that Levites transport the ark, and his improper military census. Both failures lead to death (13:10; 21:14), then to the offering of sacrifices (15:26; 16:1–2; 21:26). Why are these two missteps of David included here? Because they are integral pieces to the process of Jerusalem becoming the location of the temple. The temple and its related themes (sin, judgment, repentance, sacrifice, atonement, prayer, and worship) are critical in Chronicles, and for us today as well! 



May 1:    1 Chron 1–9   “So all Israel was recorded in genealogies.”   (Nathaniel Jackson)

May 8:   1 Chron 10      “Saul died for his breach of faith.”      (Stefan Matzal)

May 15:  1 Chron 11   “And David became greater and greater.”   (Nathaniel Jackson)

May 22: 1 Chron 12    “To make David king over all Israel.”    (Stefan Matzal)

May 29: 1 Chron 13   “Let us bring again the ark of our God to us.”   (Nathaniel Jackson)

Jun 5:    1 Chron 14     “His kingdom was highly exalted.”     (Stefan Matzal)

Jun 12:   1 Chron 15:1—16:3  “All Israel brought up the ark of the covenant.”  (Nathaniel Jackson)

Jun 19:   1 Chron 16:4–43      “Oh give thanks to the Lord.”      (Sam Benjamin)

Jun 26:  1 Chron 17      “I will establish his throne forever.”      (Ram Stewart)

Jul 3:      1 Chron 18   “He administered justice and equity to all his people.”   (Stefan Matzal)

Jul 10:    1 Chron 19:1—20:8   “May the Lord do what seems good to him.”   (Nathaniel Jackson)

Jul 17:    1 Chron 21:1—22:1   “Here shall be the house of the Lord God.”   (Stefan Matzal)

Jul 24:    Topical                 Equipping the Saints                                   (Stefan Matzal)

Jul 31:    Topical                  Church Discipline                                        (Nathaniel Jackson)

--The Eldership: April 2022