Fall 2022                  Job 29 – 42


This fall we will work our way through the final third of the book of Job. There are four distinct sections in this part of the book. First, Job speaks. He makes his final appeal to God, arguing for his own innocence and implicitly asking God to explain why he is suffering. Second, we are introduced to a new character, an indignant young man, Elihu. In his own way, Elihu argues that Job is suffering due to some sin he committed, but he also emphasizes the majesty of God, thus preparing the reader for what is about to come. Third, then, the Lord speaks. In these famous addresses to Job, Job must come to terms with how little he understands about the ways of God. Although no sin on Job’s part led to his suffering, he must now admit that some of his subsequent complaints against God have gone too far. Finally, the book comes to a resolution with a closing narrative section. God rebukes Job’s three friends, and he restores Job’s fortunes.

Sometimes it takes suffering to put things into proper perspective. Our submissive trust in God is tested when life gets difficult. Like Job, we must learn to unconditionally accept God’s sovereignty and grace, no matter what. We are called to trust God even when his ways are inscrutable. We who live on the other side of Christ’s sufferings and resurrection can see a new facet to the suffering life. We suffer as creatures in a cursed world, but also in the footsteps of our Lord. The conclusion to the book of Job gives us hope in the darkness. As Job was vindicated in the end, so Christ’s followers will be vindicated upon his Return.


Oct 9:     Job 29              “Oh, that I were as in the months of old!”              (Stefan Matzal)

Oct 16:    Job 30              “My should is poured out within me.”                  (Nathaniel Jackson)

Oct 23:   Job 31               “Oh, that I had one to hear me!”                             (Stefan Matzal)

Oct 30:   Reformation Sunday Pulpit Exchange   (Rev. Ife Ojetayo, Church of the Holy Trinity)

Nov 6:    Job 32–33         “He burned with anger at Job.”                           (Nathaniel Jackson)

Nov 13:   Job 34–35         “God does not hear an empty cry.”                      (Stefan Matzal)

Nov 20:  Job 36–37         “Consider the wondrous works of God.”           (Nathaniel Jackson)

Nov 27:  Job 38:1–38      “Then the Lord answered Job.”                              (Stefan Matzal)

Dec 4:    Job 38:39–40:5 “Do you give a horse his might?”                          (Stefan Matzal)

Dec 11:    Job 40:6–42:6   “Behold, Behemoth...Leviathan.”                       (Nathaniel Jackson)

Dec 18:   Job 42:7–17      “And the Lord restored the fortunes of Job.”        (Stefan Matzal)

Dec 25:   Christmas Sunday                                                                          (Nathaniel Jackson)

Jan 1:       New Year’s Sunday: “We make a firm covenant.” (Neh. 910)      (Stefan Matzal)

--The Eldership: September 2022