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Spring/Summer 2023                  1 Chronicles 22:2 – 2 Chronicles 9:31


This middle section of Chronicles focuses on the Jerusalem temple. First Chronicles 22–29 describes David’s preparations for the temple. Second Chronicles 1–9 narrates the reign of Solomon, emphasizing his oversight of the construction and dedication of the temple. As was the case with the Tabernacle, so here too, the plans for the sanctuary come directly from God himself (Exod. 25:9; 1 Chron. 28:19). Thus we see that the temple is God’s idea; David and Solomon are his agents accomplishing his will. And what is the divine purpose? God intends to dwell in the midst of his people. He means to establish a place where sacrifices provide forgiveness of sins. He purposes to establish a place of prayer. The Jerusalem temple is a remarkable gift of divine grace.

As compared to the account in Kings, Solomon’s sins are downplayed in Chronicles. The era of David and Solomon is presented as an ideal. The precious metals of the temple, its splendor and majesty are highlighted. In this way the Chronicler’s account of the temple provides a glimpse of the future kingdom of God. Coming to the New Testament account of that kingdom, we discover first that Jesus is the temple. He tabernacles among us. Pushing farther in, upon Jesus’ ascension and Pentecost, the individual believer and the church become the temple, indwelt by the Holy Spirit. This whole-Bible trajectory reaches its culmination when the New Jerusalem—which has no temple and yet is shaped like the Holy of Holies—comes down out of heaven. The Apostle John saw the fullness of the kingdom in his vision: “Behold, the dwelling place of God is with man. He will dwell with them, and they will be his people, and God himself will be with them as their God.” The glories of Solomon’s temple give us a foretaste of that day!


Apr 23:     1 Chron. 22:2–19     “Set your mind... to seek the Lord.”                           (Nathaniel Jackson)

Apr 30:     1 Chron. 23–27       “And David organized them.”                                     (Stefan Matzal)

May 7:      1 Chron 28               “From the hand of the Lord.”                                      (Nathaniel Jackson)

May 14:     1 Chron 29               “All this abundance… comes from your hand.”         (Stefan Matzal)

May 21:    2 Chron 1                  “Give me now wisdom.”                                              (Nathaniel Jackson)

May 28:   2 Chron 2                 “Because the Lord loves his people.”                        (Stefan Matzal)

Jun 4:      2 Chron 3:1—5:1        “Solomon began to build the house.”                       (Stefan Matzal)

Jun 11:      2 Chron 5:2—6:11     “The glory of the Lord filled the house.”                   (Nathaniel Jackson)

Jun 18:     2 Chron 6:12–42      “Listen… when they pray toward this place.”            (Stefan Matzal)

Jun 25:    2 Chron 7:1—8:16     “If my people… humble themselves.”                         (Sam Benjamin)

Jul 2:       2 Chron 8:17—9:31   “Because your God loved Israel.”                               (Nathaniel Jackson)

Jul 9:         TOPICAL                                                                                                       (William Payne)

--The Eldership: April 2023

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