WINTER 2020: Luke 13:22-19:40


Our opening verse provides a framework for this section of Luke. Jesus is on his way to Jerusalem. He is teaching in the villages and towns on the way. This is likely a partial fulfilment of his description of the kingdom of God that concluded our last section. It is like leaven hidden in flour until it is all leavened. 


This is a section rich with parables, including a few that are unique to Luke’s account. It is the final leg of Jesus’ teaching tour and concludes with the triumphal entry at Jerusalem. There is a momentum in these chapters which naturally leads to ‘Blessed is the King who comes in the name of the Lord!’ 


This momentum surges forward despite the reciprocal growth of opposition from the Jewish authorities. Jesus rebukes, corrects and warns those who love money and earthly status. They are too proud to repent and take no joy in the repentance of the lost. They are depicted as the foolish servant who hid his Lord’s investment, because he imagined that the master was “a severe man.” 


Far from severe, Jesus reveals a God who heals, invites everyone to his great banquet, searches and rejoices over lost sheep, welcomes the little children and laments the necessity of judgment for a people who refuse to be gathered. 


Jesus’ disciples are often in the background. They must “pay attention” to themselves, recognize the cost of discipleship and look for “lost coins,” like Zacchaeus. The disciples are astonished to learn that salvation is only possible with God. And this revelation is put together with Jesus’ foretelling his death and resurrection for the third and final time before he reaches Jerusalem. May the Lord help us to absorb Jesus’ teaching and run with his momentum toward Easter 2020! 


Jan 5:  Luke 13:22-35  “Enter through the narrow door."   (Nathaniel Jackson)

Jan 12:  Luke 14:1-11  “Go and sit the lowest place.”  (Stefan Matzal)

Jan 19:  Luke 14:12-24  “Come, for everything is now ready"   (Nathaniel Jackson)

Jan 26:  Luke 14:25-35  “Count the cost.”  (Mark Weldon)

Feb 2:  Luke 15:1-10  “Go after the one that is lost.”  (Stefan Matzal)

Feb 9:  Luke 15:11-32  “There was a man who had two sons."   (Nathaniel Jackson)

Feb 16:  Luke 16:1-18  “You cannot serve God and money.”  (Stefan Matzal)

Feb 23:  Luke 16:19-31  “A great chasm has been fixed."   (Nathaniel Jackson)

Mar 1:  Luke 17:1-19  “Pay attention to yourselves.”  (John Hartung)

Mar 8:  Luke 17:20-18:8  “When the Son of Man comes.”  (Stefan Matzal)

Mar 15:  Luke 18:9-30  “Receive the kingdom of God like a child”  (Mark Weldon)

Mar 22:  Luke 18:31-19:10  “Today, salvation has come to this house."   (Nathaniel Jackson)

Mar 29:  Luke 19:11-27  “Engage in business until I come.”  (Stefan Matzal)

Apr 5:  Luke 19:28-40  “Blessed is the King."   (Nathaniel Jackson)

Apr 12:  Easter  (Stefan Matzal)

Apr 19: Resurrection  (Mark Weldon)

The Eldership: December 2019