Summer 2021                     Hebrews 5:1 – 10:18


Hebrews was written before the destruction of the Temple in AD 70. The content of the letter suggests a familiarity with the recipients, who were primarily Jewish believers. In the face of trials and resistance, the recipients were tempted to seek refuge in Judaism or some aspects of the Jewish tradition. In response, the author of Hebrews demonstrates the importance of Jesus being the guarantor of a better covenant. 


In his earnest desire to see his recipients become like those who through faith and patience inherit the promises of God, he warns against apostasy and the danger of stunted spiritual maturity, while assuring them that he feels sure of better things in their case. 


The Jewish tradition looked to Abraham and trusted in the ancient sacrificial system. How did the new covenant in Jesus’ name stack up and offer assurance of forgiveness? The writer of Hebrews demonstrates that Jesus’ ministry is far superior to the old covenant, because Jesus is the “priest forever, after the order of Melchizedek.” Jesus has established and is guarantor of the superseding covenant established in his blood. Jesus has entered into the heavenly holy place and his sacrifice for sin has been accepted on our behalf. “For by a single offering he has perfected for all time those who are being sanctified.” May these truths give us confidence in our insecurity and purify our consciences from dead works to serve the living God. 


Aug 1:   Hebrews 5:110  “You are priest forever.”   (Stefan Matzal)


Aug 8:   Hebrews 5:11 – 6:12   “The full assurance of hope.”   (Nathaniel Jackson)

Aug 15:   Hebrews 6:1320   “A sure and steadfast anchor.”   (Nathaniel Jackson)

Aug 22:   Hebrews 7:114   “See how great this man was.”   (Stefan Matzal)

Aug 29:   Hebrews 7:1528   “Guarantor of a better covenant.”   (Mark Weldon)

Sept 5:   Hebrews 8   “More excellent than the old.”   (Stefan Matzal)

Sept 12:   Hebrews 9:114   “By means of his own blood.”   (Nathaniel Jackson)

Sept 19:   Hebrews 9:1528   “The mediator of a new covenant.”   (Stefan Matzal)

Sept 26:   Hebrews 10:118   “Where there is forgiveness.”   (John Hartung)


The Eldership: July 2021