WINTER 2021                  LUKE 19:41 – 24:53


We have reached the crescendo in Luke’s carefully researched narrative of the “things that have been accomplished among us.” Our unit begins with a weeping Jesus and concludes with his ascension. It describes the gathering hour of darkness and the dawning light of the gospel era. 


Jesus weeps, not for his own looming suffering, but for the spiritual condition of Jerusalem. God’s people and their leadership do not recognize the visitation of the Son of God. As Jesus’ authority is exercised in cleansing the Temple, silencing his opponents, and teaching of future events, the hour of darkness gathers with murderous intent. 


We may weep with Jesus at the condition of a world that rejects his authority and mocks his purpose. We are reminded of the forces arrayed against anyone who will stand with Jesus. Nonetheless, we are encouraged to see the divine orchestration of all things and the fact that suffering yields opportunities to bear bold witness. 


We marvel at the plan of God that introduces us to resurrection life. For the hour of darkness and the disciples’ grief is cut short as reports of Jesus’ appearances set wondering hearts ablaze. As Jesus’ followers today, we join the disciples in grasping the good news and in hearing our commission outlined. We worship the ascended Lord and know that their great joy has become ours also.



Jan 3:   Lk 19:41 – 20:8 “He drew near and saw the city.”  (Stefan Matzal)

Jan 10:  Lk 20:918   “I will send my beloved son.”   (Mark Weldon)

Jan 17:  Lk 20:1940  “They watched him and sent spies.”  (Stefan Matzal)

Jan 24:  Lk 20:41 – 21:4  “Beware of the scribes.”  (Nathaniel Jackson)


Jan 31:  Lk 21:524   “This will be your opportunity.”  (Nathaniel Jackson)

Feb 7:   Lk 21:2538  “But watch yourselves.”   (Stefan Matzal)

Feb 14:  Lk 22:123   “The Passover lamb had to be sacrificed.”  (Mark Weldon)

Feb 21:  Lk 22:2446  “This Scripture must be fulfilled in me.”  (Stefan Matzal)

Feb 28:  Lk 22:4771  “The power of darkness.”  (Nathaniel Jackson)

Mar 7:   Lk 23:112   “They began to accuse him.”  (Stefan Matzal)

Mar 14:  Lk 23:1325  “Crucify, crucify him!”   (Nathaniel Jackson)

Mar 21:  Lk 23:2643  “This is the King of the Jews.”  (Stefan Matzal)

Mar 28:  Lk 23:4456  “He breathed his last.”  (Mark Weldon)

Apr 4:   Lk 24:112   EASTER “He is not here, but has risen.”  (Stefan Matzal)

Apr 11:  Lk 24:1335  "The Lord has risen indeed.”  (Nathaniel Jackson)

Apr 18:  Lk 24:3653  “You are witnesses of these things.”  (John Hartung)

The Eldership: December 2020