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The Title of My Dissertation:
"Preaching Ezra-Nehemiah's Religious Minority-Group Narratives for Post-Christendom Congregations."

The Academic Context in which I did this Research:

This dissertation was the main component in my completion of the Doctor of Practical Theology program at McMaster Divinity College in Hamilton, Ontario.


My academic supervisors were Mark J. Boda and Michael P. Knowles. The external examiner who participated in my oral defense was ___.


Many people helped me accomplish this project, and I am extremely grateful to them all! You can read the dissertation's acknowledgements page here.

A Two-sentence summary of the dissertation:

The dissertation provides recommendations for pastors, specifically with respect to their preaching that helps Christians in post-Christendom resist negative influences of culture. These recommendations were developed by means of an integrated analysis of (a) exegesis of selections from Ezra-Nehemiah, (b) the preaching of these selections, and (c) analysis of focus group interviews that asked lay Christians what they find challenging in their interactions with contemporary culture today.

A One-page summary of the dissertation:

You can find a one-page summary here.

The Dissertation itself:

You can access the entire dissertation at this link.

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