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If you are interested in listening to earlier sermons, click on these links for all sermons from 1978 up to 2-04-2024: By Date, By Speaker, By Bible Passage


When you find the sermon(s) you want, here is a Sermon Archive link to listen to any sermon, sorted by year, on your desktop, tablet or mobile phone*.


Here is a link for the Tuesday Night Bible Studies lead by Jeremy Jackson, for your listening pleasure.

Second Quarter, 2024 - Acts

February 11             Acts 18:1-17             “Go on speaking”                        Nathaniel Jackson

February 18            Acts 18:18 - 19:7          “From one place to the next”     Stefan Matzal

February 25           Acts 19:8-20            “The Lord Jesus was extolled”   Stefan Matzal 

March 3                  Acts 19:21-41           “No little disturbance”                 Nathaniel Jackson 

March 10                 Acts 20:1-16           “His life is in him”                        Stefan Matzal

March 17                 Acts 20:17-31         “I testify to you this day”             Nathaniel Jackson 

March 24                Acts 20:32-38       “It is more blessed to give”         Stefan Matzal

March 31                 Topical                    EASTER                                        Nathaniel Jackson 

April 7                      Topical                    RESURRECTION                         Stefan Matzal

First Quarter, 2024 - Matthew

December 17     Matthew 1: 1-17          Genealogy of Jesus Christ          (Nathaniel Jackson)

December 24    Matthew 1: 18-25      God with us                                   (Stefan Matzal)

December 31     Matthew 2: 1-12        They fell down and worshipped  (Nathaniel Jackson)

January 7           Matthew 2: 13-23      Rise, take the child                       (Stefan Matzal)

January 14          Matthew 3                To fulfill all righteousness             (Stefan Matzal)

January 21          Topical                      Sanctity of Human Life                 (Nathaniel Jackson)

January 28         Matthew 4:1-11          Led up by the Spirit                       (Nathaniel Jackson)

February 4          Matthew 4:12-25     A light has dawned                        (Stefan Matzal)

Fourth Quarter, 2023 - Statement of Faith

Sept 3:      God: His Nature                                                   (Nathaniel Jackson)

Sept 10:     God: His Purposes                                              (Stefan Matzal)

Sept 17:     The Bible: Its Inspiration and Inerrancy             (Nathaniel Jackson)

Sept 24:    The Bible: Its Sufficiency and Authority             (Stefan Matzal)

Oct 1:         The Human Condition: Human Dignity              (Jay Koshy, International Assembly)

Oct 8:        The Human Condition: Human Depravity          (Nathaniel Jackson)

Oct 15:      Jesus Christ: His Identity and Life                       (Stefan Matzal)

Oct 22:      The Holy Spirit: His Identity and Work               (Nathaniel Jackson)

Oct 29:      Reformation Sunday: The Work of Christ          (Paul Epp, Ithaca 1st Chinese Christian Church)

Nov 5:       The Church: Its Nature                                         (Nathaniel Jackson)

Nov 12:      The Church: Its Ordinances                                 (Stefan Matzal)

Nov 19:     Christian Living: The Great Commandment        (Nathaniel Jackson)

Nov 26:     Christian Living: The Spiritual Battle                   (Stefan Matzal)

Dec 3:       Christ’s Return: Its Nature and Effect                  (Nathaniel Jackson)

Dec 10:      Response and Eternal Destiny                            (Stefan Matzal)

Third Quarter, 2023 - 2 Timothy

July 16         2 Tim 1:1-14              “Fan the flame”                                      Nathaniel Jackson

July 23        2 Tim 1:15-2:7         “A good soldier of Christ Jesus”            Stefan Matzal

July 30        2 Tim 2:8-13           “The word of God is not bound”            Aaron Luke

Aug 6          2 Tim 2:14-26        “A vessel for honorable use”                  Nathaniel Jackson

Aug 13        2 Tim 3:1-9             “Times of difficulty”                                  Nathaniel Jackson

Aug 20       2 Tim 3:10-4:4       “Continue in what you have learned”     Stefan Matzal

Aug 27       2 Tim 4:5-22         “To Him be the glory forever”                  Stefan Matzal

* For iPhones, you may need to download the sermon, go to the Files app, then click on it to listen.

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